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Unique websites, web applications, eCommerce solutions, JAMstack, headless technologies, digital marketing & consulting - we offer individual & tailored solutions for you.

Why Vertex Media?

Our team consists of specialists who have developed and combined their many years of expertise in the areas of web development, digital marketing and consulting.

Through this experience and core competencies, we are able to offer performance optimized web solutions with our proprietary Vertex Stack. This technology stack is a combination of modern and proven technologies and our online marketing expertise.

Our solutions are based on real results and experience, which we also use, test and measure daily in our own products.

Compared to building block sites or generally all-inclusive content management systems like Wordpress, our Vertex technology stack provides numerous advantages in the areas of web performance & core web vitals, usability & conversion optimization, security, fail-safety, the flexibility & the possibilities of scaling in the area of multilingualism or number of pages, and many more.

Depending on your requirements, we have the possibility to create websites and web applications for you either by using our extensive component library, or completely independently and individually.

Our goal is to exploit the potential of your project together with you and to be the web performance partner you trust.

Vertex Media
  • Performance & Usability
    (Page Load & Core Web Vitals)

  • UI/UX & Responsive Design
  • Secure & Scalable
  • Vertex Component Catalog
  • Optimized for Multi Languages
  • Visual Editor / Headless CMS
  • Automatic Updates
Alternative Solutions (Wordpress, etc.)
  • Meager Performance
    (LCP, Layout Shifts, etc.)

  • Negative User Experience
  • Security Leaks
  • Plugins of various Sources
  • Limited Features
  • Unflexible Pagebuilder
  • Additions Costs with Updates

Vertex Stack

Our performance optimized technology stack is used in all of our projects to achieve optimal results for our customers and partners.

Component Catalog

We offer in our websites an extensive components catalog, which was optimized by our experience of many years up to the smallest detail. Components can be designed very easily and individually, for example, through themes, global components and a visual editor.

Individual Solution

We are also happy to support you in consulting & implementation of completely independent individual solutions. Here, too, you benefit from our experience in the use of various technologies and their best practice solutions, which we have also been able to develop within the framework of our own products.


Fast loading times and good web performance are an integral part of our solutions. Through Server Side Rendering or optionally Server Side Generation, web pages are preloaded to deliver only the necessary components to visitors.

Core Web Vitals

Starting in May 2021, Google will also rank websites based on Core Web Vitals, which include Comulative Layout Shift, Largest Contentful Paint, and First Input Delay. All our solutions are optimized for these metrics.


Optionally, our websites are created on the basis of the JAMstack principle. Only final created and static HTML, Javascript, image and styling files are delivered to users. The content of the websites is maintained completely separately, so there are hardly any attack vectors as are common in well-known all-inclusive CMS systems such as Wordpress.


By delivering page components to end users via Content Delivery Network, as well as outsourcing dynamic functions to Micro Services, websites not only become fail-safe, they can easily scale in number of pages, regions of delivery, and different languages.

User Experience

Responsive design and mobile-first approach in building our products have the highest priority.

Your customers or users should find their way around your website and enjoy using it regardless of the display size or operating system.

Headless CMS

We rely on modern and proven "best-of-breed" content management systems like Storyblok.

Due to the visual editor, paired with our constantly growing component catalog and the easy expandability with plugins and apps, there are no limits to your wishes and requirements here.

Perfect for all company Sizes!

Our websites and web applications offer a solid base for everything your company can expect in the future. Our solutions are future proof as they benefit from our constant improvements and automatic updates.

From the simple On-Pager at the beginning to a scalable multilingual eCommerce solution. According to your needs we can extend your project in a modular fashion.

All that without having any performance maluses.

Why SEO by Vertex Media?

Why SEO?

Just spend an hour observing your own behavior on the Internet and you will probably find yourself using a search engine such as: Google. Even though Google doesn't publish exact figures, there are several billion worldwide search queries per day.

What are the advantages of SEO?

The great advantage of SEO lies in the scalability and accuracy of how customer needs can be covered. Depending on the search query, the user's intent can be deduced and the appropriate content can be provided.

The scalability comes from the fact that more and more of your rankings will improve with the same amount of effort. Higher rankings mean more traffic which in turn means more revenue for your company. Interesting is also the possible exponential growth, pages that rank high, not only get more traffic, they get much more traffic.

Why not simply run Google Ads?

Compared to Google Ads, organic search results have 10 times the potential on mobile and even 20 times on desktop. One marketing measure should not exclude the other in any case. Both channels can also be excellently combined with social media.

Why SEO by Vertex Media?

We are definitely not steam talkers, but doers with a hands-on mentality. We work on our projects ourselves and don't outsource the tasks to externals or juniors.

Through years of professional experience in an internationally active agency, we have worked for numerous well-known brands. This has given us a deep understanding of a wide variety of industries.

By implementing our own websites in different niches and developing our own tools, we have gained expert knowledge that would not have been possible in a pure consulting role.

We do not rely on case studies from self-proclaimed SEO gurus, but always make decisions based on existing data and facts. What data-driven method of working has proven itself over the years.

What happens after your request?

After an inquiry, we will contact you immediately. In a joint initial meeting, we discuss the general conditions and your company goals. If it fits on a human level and we have free capacities, we immediately start with an analysis phase to develop appropriate measures and an ongoing strategy.

We focus on results, which is why our focus is on a small number of customers, whom we can support in a sustainable and correspondingly comprehensive manner.

In addition to individual analyses, we also offer ongoing SEO support. These start at 2-3 person days per month. Because even with 10 hours per month it is hard to rank even in simple niches.

It is important to understand that SEO is an ongoing process, the first results can be expected after 6 months, depending on the industry and budget improvements are clearly visible after 12 months. We also distance ourselves clearly from fast ranking promises in a short time, stay away from companies with such offers, these are not trustworthy!

Request a free initial analysis of your website now

We will be happy to analyze your existing web presence and discuss optimization potential with you.

There are no hidden costs for you!
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Transparency and trust

Service is always a question of trust, which is why we always work transparently and comprehensibly. Close contact with our customers is important to us; only through regular coordination can we work together efficiently.

We also work transparently when it comes to pricing, so that our customers always know what costs they are facing and there are no surprises. At Vertex Media, we are always looking to expand our knowledge and expertise. In the rapidly changing industry, this is the only way to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

We are passionate about what we do. That's why we always give our all to deliver the best possible quality and generate measurable added value for our customers.

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